Happy Holidays! Wishing you all the peace and joy in this Holiday Season. Stay safe everyone. Helping Heart will be closed on December 24 and 25

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Residential Habilitation

Residential habilitation provides supervision and specific training activities that assist the recipient to acquire, maintain or improve skills related to activities of daily living.  The service focuses on personal hygiene skills such as bathing and oral hygiene; homemaking skills such as food preparation, vacuuming and laundry; and on social and adaptive skills that enable the recipient to reside in the community.  This training is provided in accordance with a formal implementation plan, developed with direction from the recipient and reflects the recipient’s goal(s) from their current support plan.  Recipients with challenging behavioral disorders may require more intense levels of residential habilitation services described as behavioral residential habilitation, or intensive behavioral residential habilitation.  The necessity for these services is determined by specific recipient behavioral characteristics that impact the immediate safety, health, progress and quality of life for the recipient, and the determination that less intensive services have not been sufficient to alter these behaviors. The need for more intense levels of residential habilitation, behavioral residential or intensive behavioral residential habilitation will be verified by the Developmental Disabilities Program Office.  Note: Refer to special considerations under behavioral analysis and behavioral assistant services for additional requirements.

***Limitations Residential habilitation services are provided to adults, 18 years of age and older, living in their own home or family home, or living in a licensed facility.  A child may receive residential habilitation services as follows:
1. Residential habilitation services may be provided in the family home for children ages 16-18 with a focus on developing independent living skills.
2. Residential habilitation services may be provided for children up to age 18 in licensed rehabilitation facilities with an emphasis on generalization, maintenance and transfer of skill taught in the school.

Note: The Florida Medicaid Durable Medical Equipment and Medical Supply Services
Coverage and Limitations Handbook is available on the Medicaid fiscal agent’s website.